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US News & World Report (1/9/2017)

10 Scholarship Myths That Could Cost You Money

"Almost every corporation and organization these days has a scholarship. By checking out scholarship sites, you'll be surprised to find what is out there," says Cynda Mullikin, a college consultant at Texas-based Mullikin College Consultancy. 

SchoolLinks (9/11/2015)

Be True to Yourself in College Essays


Cynda Mullikin

Combining 15 years of college admissions, the last two of which were spent as Director of Admissions, with 6 years of high school college prep counseling, Cynda Mullikin started Mullikin College Consultancy with one goal in mind: help high school students navigate the complicated world of college admissions.

"Be Yourself! Colleges can tell if a student is trying to say what they think an admissions professional wants to hear. The best advice is to be real. Tell about yourself, and share your story. If you are sharing a story about grandma, grandpa or anyone else, remember to keep the focus on you. Even though grandma and grandpa are wonderful people, the admissions office is not accepting grandma or grandpa, but they are accepting you. In the end, being yourself and letting the admissions office hear your story is the best recipe for success."

Sienna College Admissions Blog (9/23/2015)

Quick tips for college planning during your junior year: Part two -


"Prepare a college binder, complete with plastic sleeves and dividers. Throughout the year, fill it with recommendation letters, transcripts, essays and everything else you might need during the application season ahead. This critical tool will make your senior year a much smoother and more efficient experience." - Cynda Mullikin, college prep consultant


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